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Agent Productivity and Workforce Optimization

Agent Productivity and Workforce Optimization Agent Productivity and Workforce Optimization Agent engagement is a big deal in the world of call center performance metrics. Many call center managers struggle to keep their call agents performing in a way that optimizes their call processing volume. This [...]

Why Cloud Connectivity Matters in the Call Center

Why Cloud Connectivity Matters in the Call Center Call center technology has advanced at an alarmingly fast pace in recent years.  Those who are responsible for managing the operations of call centers now have a variety of technology-based tools available to them—tools that didn’t even [...]

3 Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing Call Center Software

3 Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing Call Center Software The modern call center of today requires a robust software solution to meet the demanding needs of clients. Whether it’s inbound, outbound, or some mix of the two, every call center relies on some form [...]

The Senate votes to approve an anti-robocalling bill to help in the fight against fraudulent Robo-callers

Unwanted Robo-calls Our days are continually interrupted by unwanted fraudulent Robo-calls. We are not immune. And it's hard not to feel irritated with interruptions caused by unsolicited automated calls. Not surprising, the US The Senate voted to approve an anti-robocalling bill to help with fraudulent Robo-callers by a [...]

AI not for the calls, but for the system

By now, most people in the call center software space have heard of machine learning or Artificial Intelligence. And possibly how to apply it to the call center.  Whether applied within the phone calls or the call center software there is real value to AI. However, the overuse or [...]

Test Your Call Center Sales Leads FREE!

Test junk call center lead lists with My Call Cloud. Why? Because........... not all contact center software is created equal! It is all essentially the same principle, however, My Call Cloud has MORE carriers, MORE connections, BETTER quality, and the most RELIABLE solution. 1,000 leads that produce no results [...]

Improve Agent Performance with Contact Center Reporting & Analytics

Reporting Tools To Improve Contact Center Agent Performance Using built-in and customized reporting and analytics, your contact center should be measuring agent performance to increase workforce optimization and enhance the customer experience. KPIs Benchmark against key performance indicators (KPIs) to identify individual agent performance against overall operational goals.  Easily [...]

Forecasting Contact Center Staffing – Reports & Analytics

Create custom reports for forecasting contact center staffing needs. Reporting and analytics tools for dialer software are popularly used to optimize sales and marketing efforts.  However, using analytics tools with custom reporting features can help predict future staffing needs and produce correct forecasting for contact center staffing needs. Analyze Previous [...]

Deliver the Best Call Center CX in 2019!

It's 2019 and more than ever, businesses have every opportunity to invest in resources to deliver the best possible CX. Now is the time to capture your customers across multiple channels and interact with them the way they prefer. A customer captured on a platform that has a "premium [...]

Reasons for Custom Agent Screens

Custom agent screens are integral to optimized operations and create a path towards a better CX (customer experience).  A non-customized screen can hinder close ratios for sales.  It can also mean missed opportunities to gather important information about the caller or, call recipient. Reasons to Customize Agent Screens A [...]

No Dial™ Ringless Voicemail Drops

Deliver pre-recorded messages to prospects or customers without engaging dialing by loading the voicemail directly onto the customer’s phone server. Utilize the My Call Cloud contact center software industry exclusive: patent pending text-to-speech ringless voicemail drops. Increase contact center productivity and optimize agent workforce.  Add No Dial™ ringless voicemail drop to your outbound contact center suite today and watch engagement numbers soar!