MyCallCloud releases, Ice Breaker APP for Call Center and Sales Agents


MyCallCloud releases, Ice Breaker APP for Call Center and Sales Agents

Ice Breaker was an idea that spawned from a visit to one of our clients. Each successful agent there had a talk off technique to build rapport with the called party. That fluid relevant conversation localized the call center agent to the called party effectively “breaking the ice”.  Ice breaker, so named, is just that a rapport building talk off tool that helps your agents convert more sales. Relevant geographic information about the person you called at your finger tips.

Weather, News, Phone Number Search, Map, Pro and College Football teams (NCAA and NFL), Pro and College Basketball teams (NCAA and NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB), NHL Hockey teams, Nascar, Colleges and Military Bases nearby..

Ice Breaker applies to every use case on the system, whether you use predictive dialer, manual dialer, click to dial, ratio dialing, blended campaigns and even inbound calls. MyCallCloud keeps your agents localized and relevant on a call. 

How does it work? When a call comes into the agent application, relevant information about the call is pushed to the Ice Breaker. Ice Breaker then grabs that contact information and fills in the subsections available to the agent. The sales agent then has the choice of what information might be relevant for the call…Weather, Sports, Search, News and so on. When the agent needs something to break the ice on the call, they can reference the last night game, how nice it is, or how cold it might be, or nearby colleges they think might be good to attend. These bread crumbs of information are all the difference for a sale vs a “NOT INTERESTED”